External collaboration

Marilena De Simone – University of Calabria (UNICAL,
http://www.unical.it/portale/international/spagnolo/), Department of Engineering for the Environment and Territory, and Chemical Engineering, at 87036 Rende, Italy: marilena.desimone@unical.it

Denis Bruneau - Director of the Research Group in Environment, Comfort, Architectural and Urban Design (GRECCAU, http://www.bordeaux.archi.fr/), from the National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAP) of 33405 Talence, France: denis.bruneau@bordeaux.archi.fr

Alain Sempey, Tingting Vogt Wu - University of Bordeaux (UB), Department of Fluid and Energy Transfers (TREFLE) of the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M, https://www.i2m.u-bordeaux.fr/) en 33405 Talence, Francia: alain.sempey@u-bordeaux.fr; tingting.vogt-wu@u-bordeaux.fr