Research areas

  • Occupants' behavior.
  • Standards and regulations.
  • Bioclimatic architecture.
  • Biomimicry.
  • Control and automation of the indoor and outdoor comfort.
  • Modeling, optimization and forecasting techniques.
  • Experimental techniques and studies.
  • LCA: Smart buildings and cities.

Ongoing projects

  1. Energy consumption in buildings, technical characteristics and occupants' behavior. See project
  2. Adaptation of passive bioclimatic architecture in buildings in Panama: A numerical study. See project
  3. Evaluation of low consumption solutions towards zero energy buildings in Panama (FID18-056). See project
  4. Control and automation of indoor and outdoor comfort in buildings in Panama.
  5. Automation of zones to optimize comfort and energy consumption in buildings in Panama (FIED19-R2-005). See project
  6. Biomimetic solutions as an alternative to address the energy efficiency challenges in buildings in Panama. See project
  7. Implementación y validación de soluciones energéticas basadas en bioclimática y biomimética con miras a urbanizaciones cognitivas y energía cero en Panamá (PFID-FID-2021-43). See project
  8. Laboratorio Especializado en Soluciones Energéticas Pasivas y Confort en Edificaciones (LESEPCE). See project