Dafni Y. Mora

She completed her Ph.D. in Civil and Industrial Engineering in 2017 at the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering (DIMEG) at the University of Calabria in Italy, with a specialty in Energy in Buildings. She is a Mechanical Engineer with postgraduate studies in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, at the Technological University of Panama (UTP), in addition of having completed a Master's degree in Business Administration at the Inter-American University of Panama. Currently, Full Time Professor at the UTP Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, since 2017, in the areas of Energy and environment for undergraduate courses. She has participated in national and international research projects and published scientific articles in high impact scientific journals in her research areas.

Miguel Chen Austin

He completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 at the Doctoral School of Physical Sciences and Engineering (SPI) of the University of Bordeaux in France, with a specialty in Energy in buildings, within the Bordeaux Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M). He is an Electromechanical Engineer from the Technological University of Panama (UTP), with a Master's degree in Research in Mechanics and Energy, at the National Superior School of Arts and Crafts in Bordeaux (ENSAM - ParisTech). Currently, Full Time Researcher and Part-time professor at the UTP Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, since 2019, in the areas of Mechanics for undergraduate and graduate courses. Associate member of the GRECCAU Research Group of the Bordeaux National School of Architecture and Landscape (ENSAP).